British Winter Uniforms

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To save the files, left click on the image.   Actual bitmap files are clearer than the .jpg representations given below.  The names (numbers) of the Combat Mission files that these are meant to replace are given above the images.  The file name used by Combat Mission consists of only three or four digits.

Winter Uniforms

Saving the following bitmaps with the five digit filenames indicated will automatically invoke their use whenever there is snow on the ground in any Combat Mission scenario.   They will not be used otherwise.   The leather jerkin overtop of standard battledress was a common winter uniform for British soldiers in 1944-45; the jerkin was preferred to the greatcoat as it kept the soldier warm without restricting his mobility.  Unit-specific sleeve files (15012) are located below the section on winter whites for those that desire them.

Tank Crew BD (File 5036) Leather Jerkin  (Files 15011, 15012 and 15014)

5036 (Modified BD tunic).bmp (98358 bytes)    15039.bmp (24630 bytes)

5011winter.bmp (98358 bytes)   15012.bmp (24630 bytes)   5014winter.bmp (24630 bytes)

White camouflage clothing was not widely seen in Commonwealth units in World War Two, but there are nonetheless good photos of Canadian and British troops wearing them. 

To equip British troops in Combat Mission with winter whites, the following bitmaps can be downloaded and installed - they will only be used by a scenario if there is snow on the ground.  Be advised that just as in real life, the white camouflage makes the units harder to see on the map.  Also, because of the shared sleeve file, all tank crews must be put into winter whites as well.

15051, 15052 and 15054 are duplicates of 15011, 15012 and 15014, for the paratroopers; they will need to be saved under both sets of numbers in order for the paratroopers to wear the winter whites as well.

Click on the number to download.

15010 Helmet
15011 Infantry uniform and gear
15012 Sleeves
15013 Boots/Trousers
15014 Infantry body
15036 Tank crew uniform
15039 Crew body
15051 Paratroop uniform and gear
15052 Paratroopers Sleeves
15054 Paratroopers body
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