General Game Icons

To save the files, left click on the image.   Actual bitmap files are clearer than the .jpg representations given below.  The names (numbers) of the Combat Mission files that these are meant to replace are given above the images.  The file name used by Combat Mission consists of only three or four digits.


While the sight of the swastika is (understandably) offensive to many, the fact remains that the flag icons used in Combat Mission simply never existed.  Below is the historically correct Third Reich swastika War Flag.   

Objective Flag
(File 440)
Nationality Flag
(File 420)
440.bmp (24630 bytes) 420.bmp (2614 bytes)

The following bitmaps, when saved as file 442 and 422, replace the Union Jack national flag with Divisional insignia.

Division Objective Flag
(File 442)
ID Flag
(File 422)
3rd Division
4223.gif (1043 bytes)
442 - 3rd Division 422 - 3rd Division
15th (Scottish) Division
42215.gif (1338 bytes)
442 - 15th Division 422 - 15th Division
43rd (Wessex) Division
42243.gif (1068 bytes)
442 - 43rd Division 422 - 43rd Division
49th (West Riding) Division
42249.gif (9882 bytes)
442 - 49th Division 422 - 49th Division
50th (Northumbrian) Division
42250.gif (1043 bytes)
442 - 50th Division 422 - 50th Division
51st (Highland) Division
42251.gif (1039 bytes)
442 - 51st Division 422 - 51st Division
1st Guards Brigade
guard.gif (1678 bytes)
Inspired by a design by "Maximus", via "Fairbairn-Sykes"
442 - 1st Guards Brigade 422 - 1st Guards Brigade
11th Armoured Division
422_7arm.bmp (10134 bytes)
442 - 11th Armoured Division 422 - 11th Armoured Division
1st and 6th Airborne Divisions
442_pega.bmp (98358 bytes)
Two versions courtesy "Maximus", via "Fairbairn-Sykes"
442 - Airborne Division

442 - Airborne Division

422 - Airborne Division
Special Service Troops
comman.gif (1362 bytes)
Courtesy "Maximus", via "Fairbairn-Sykes"
442 - Commando 422 - Commando
Special Air Service
sas.gif (1961 bytes)
Courtesy "Maximus", via "Fairbairn-Sykes"
442 - Special Air Service 422 - Special Air Service


1907.bmp (49206 bytes)
Improved Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I bitmap (with sling attached) - save as file 1907.

1907smle.gif (3058 bytes)
Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III - this rifle was used by the British throughout the North African campaign and was replaced by the No. 4 Mk I shown above in 1943.