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British Uniforms - Jewish Brigade

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Jewish Brigade
After the outbreak of the Second World War, there was strong pressure within British controlled Palestine for an all-Jewish fighting force.  For various political reasons, this did not come about until late in 1944, when Prime Minister Winston Churchill personally overrode the objections of the War Office and the Colonial Office, and allowed the formation of His Majesty's Jewish Brigade.

The Headquarters of the Brigade was formed in September 1944.  After a brief training period in Egypt, the Brigade moved to Italy in October for more intensive preparations, after which the 5500 man formation moved north by road, and into the front lines as part of the British Eighth Army.   After VE Day, the Brigade remained near the Austrian-Italian border. 

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Israel Tal, a veteran of the Jewish Brigade photographed in Belgium in 1946, wearing the distinctive Brigade patch.

Composition Major Battles
1st Bn, Palestine Regiment
2nd Bn, Palestine Regiment
3rd Bn, Palestine Regiment
14 Apr 45 - 21 Apr 45 Bologna

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What is contained below are simple modifications to the sleeve art of the British uniforms in CM.  To use them, simply save the file to your hard drive (Look under Program Files, then the CMBO folder, then the BMP folder).  The originals can either be saved elsewhere on your hard drive as a backup, or retrieved from the Combat Mission CD if you want to change back to the original artwork.

To save the files, left click on the image. The file name used by CM consists of only four digits, so for the image to work in the game, it will need to be renamed.

1st Battalion, Palestine Regiment 2nd Battalion, Palestine Regiment 3rd Battalion, Palestine Regiment
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Ancillary Units of the Brigade (* indicates British unit):

* 200th Field Regiment (one battery Jewish), Royal Artillery 643rd (Palestine) Field Company, Royal Engineers
* Brigade and Field Regiment Signals 178th (Palestine) Company, Royal Army Service Corps
* 140th Field Ambulance Jewish Brigade Group Ordnance Field Park and Workshop Sections, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Brigade Headquarters in Florence

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Brigade Personnel helping Italian children, Florence.

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